Spanish rice


Spanish rice is a delicious dish prepared with Rice, Vegetables (Carrot, Capsicum, Onion, Tomato, Beans, and Potato), Curd, Ginger, Garlic and Spices.

Generally, it is prepared with White Rice but I have used Semi Brown Rice to add more fiber to the dish.  Semi Brown Rice is rich in proteins, Magnesium and Calcium. You can eat the nutritious Semi brown rice without any compromise in taste as it tastes similar to the White rice.

As this delectable dish contains lot of vegetables, it is more nutritious and fiber rich. Here is the simple recipe to prepare it at home and relish its taste.

Cooking time: 25 minutes

Serves: 5-6


1 spoon = 10 ml

1 tsp = 5 ml

1 coffee spoon = 2.5 ml

  • Semi Brown Rice – 2 Cups (1 Cup = 300ml)
  • Water – 2 ½ cups (1 Cup = 300ml)
  • Carrot – 2 (finely chopped)
  • Big sized Potato – 2 (finely chopped)
  • Beans – 60gms (finely chopped)
  • Medium sized Onion – 2 (finely chopped)
  • Medium sized Tomato – 2 (finely chopped)
  • Capsicum – 1 (finely chopped)
  • Curd – (6-7) tsp
  • Garam masala – (¾- 1) tsp
  • Cloves – 9
  • Pepper – (13-15)
  • Cinnamon – 5 ( each of 1 inch size)
  • Ginger Garlic Paste – (¾-1) tsp.
  • Red Chillies – 8
  • Cooking Oil – 7 tsp
  • Grated Cottage Cheese – 1 spoon
  • Tomato – 1 (slice it into circular pieces for garnishing)
  • Green Peas – 2 spoon


  1. Cook the Semi Brown Rice with required Water (2 ½ cup) for 3 whistles. Spread the cooked Semi Brown Rice on a plate.
  2. Grind the Black Pepper, Cinnamon and Cloves to a smooth powder. Ground powder is ready.
  3. Roast the Red Chillies with the cooking Oil for (1-2) minutes, in a Kadai at medium flame. Add the Ginger Garlic paste to it and sauté for a minute.
  4. Add the chopped Onions to it and roast it for a minute. Then, add the Curd, required Salt, chopped Potatoes, Capsicum, Carrots, Beans, Tomatoes, Green peas to it. Cook the mixture until all the vegetables get cooked well.
  5. Add the Cooked rice to it. Add the required Salt, Garam Masala powder and Ground powder to it. Mix it well. Sauté the mixture for (3-5) minutes. Cover the Kadai with a lid for (3-4) minutes at medium flame. Switch off the flame.
  6. Garnish with the Grated cottage cheese and Tomato slices.I prefer eating raw Tomatoes and I also don’t want to use much of cottage cheese. So, I have only garnished the Spanish Rice with raw Tomatoes and minimal quantity of grated Cottage cheese.
  7. Before switching off the flame, you can also cover the rice completely with more amount of Tomato slices and grated cheese and cook it covered (close the Kadai with a lid) for 8 more minutes or you can also bake the rice covered with Grated cheese and Tomato slices in an Oven at 400 degree Fahrenheit for 8 minutes and then Serve.

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