Tamarind rice (Instant in less than 10 minutes)

Tamarind rice is a rice based dish prepared with Tamarind and spices. It is a Instant recipe and the instant mix can be stored for many days. Click the Image of the Tamarind rice to know the recipe.

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Chapati laddu (Dwarka Prasad Laddu)

Chapati Laddu (Dwarka Prasad Laddu) is a toothsome snack/dessert prepared with Chapati. This laddu (Ladoo) is prepared in a similar way as how Dwarka Prasad Laddu (Ladoo) is made. I have been to Dwarka when I was young and my mother learnt this recipe from her relatives when we were there.  We can also prepare this Laddu with the leftover chapati for an instant Dessert/snack. Enjoy this tasty and healthy dish at your home.  No body can easily find this laddu is made using chapati. So, surprise your family and friends with this tasty food.

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