Rava toast recipe | sooji (suji) toast recipe | Instant rava toast recipe| sooji bread toast recipe | रवा टोस्ट | ரவா டோஸ்ட்

Rava toast or suji toast is a bread toast recipe prepared with rava/sooji. It is an instant breakfast, tiffin or snack that can be prepared in a short span of time. It is an ideal lunchbox recipe too. Click the Image of the rava / sooji toast to know the simple recipe.

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Pav bhaji recipe | Pav bhaji masala recipe

Pav bhaji is a popular street food . It is a tasty dish consisting of  vegetable curry known as bhaji and a soft bread know  as pav.

The speciality of our recipe is that no butter is added but you can still enjoy the street food taste in it. Here is the simple and easy recipe. Click the Image of Pav bhaji to know the simple recipe.

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