Gobi manchurian | cauliflower manchurian | Restaurant style gobi manchurian | how to make gobi manchurian | गोभी मंचूरियन | காலி பிளவர் மன்சூரியன்

Gobi manchurian is an Indo chinese cuisine prepared with cauliflowers, flours, spices and sauce. It is always prepared with deep fried cauliflowers. It is an excellent side dish for Veg fried rice , pulao, etc,. Click the Image of the Gobi manchurian to know the simple recipe.

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Veg fried rice | chinese fried rice recipe | how to make fried rice at home | வெஜ் பிரைட் ரைஸ் | वेज फ्राइड राइस

Veg fried rice is a Indo chinese cuisine prepared with rice, vegetables, sauces, vinegar and spices. As this fried rice is prepared with lot of vegetables, it is nutritious too. This scrumptious dish will be loved by people of all the ages. This is also known as chinese fried rice. 

Veg fried rice is normally cooked only at high flame. The cooked rice should be separate to make a perfect veg fried rice. Here is the simple and easy recipe of make veg fried rice at home. Click the Image of the Veg fried rice to know the simple recipe of it.

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7 vegetables curry | Ezhu kari kootu | Thiruvathirai thalagam | healthy vegetarian curry |vegan side dish recipes

7 vegetables curry / ezhukari kootu / thiruvathirai thalagam is an excellent side dish. It is a tasty side dish for Thiruvathirai kali | broken rice sweet , pongal, rice, etc,. It is a nutritious side dish recipe as it contains lot of vegetables. Any type of vegetables can be added to this recipe (vegetables such as raw banana (plantain), broad beans, yam, etc,.). It is auspicious to prepare this recipe with Thiruvathirai kali on the ocassion of Thiruvathirai festival. Click the Image of the 7 vegetable curry to know the simple and easy recipe.

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Whole wheat chocolate cake recipe | eggless chocolate cake | eggless cooker atta cake | chocolate cake recipe in pressure cooker | एगलैस चॉकलेट केक | சாக்லேட் கேக்

Whole wheat chocolate cake is a easy, simple, tasty and healthy cake / dessert prepared with whole wheat, sugar, curd and milk. This is a healthy cake as it is made with whole wheat flour. This recipe is made without oven and eggs. This toothsome cake can easily be prepared in pressure cooker with easily available ingredients. Click the Image of the cake to know the recipe.

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