Masala Dosa recipe | Masala dosa recipe using ordinary dosa batter |Aloo stuffed dosa

Masala (Aloo/Potato stuffed) Dosa is a popular dish prepared with Rice, dal, potato and spices. It is served with hot Tiffin sambar (Hotel style) , Kadappa (Stew), etc,. Click the Image of the Masala dosa to know the simple recipe.

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Diwali Legiyam recipe| Deepavali Marundhu | Herbal medicine for digestion

Diwali Legiyam is a herbal/Natural medicine that aids in digestion.  As numerous snacks and sweets are consumed on the occasion of Diwali, there are chances for digestion problems. So, this Legiyam will be consumed after eating oily/heavy snacks and sweets for healthy and good digestion. This recipe can also be consumed daily by everyone for healthy digestion. This legiyam can be preserved for more than 3 months in refrigerator.

This recipe can be easily prepared with the readily available ingredients in the kitchen except Indian Long pepper (which is easily available in all herbal/medical stores/Online). This recipe aids in digestion, relieves from body aches (due to formation of gas) and helps in sustaining good health (prevents from cough, cold and fever). Click the Image of the Legiyam to know the simple recipe.

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Aloo sabzi recipe | Aloo ki sabzi recipe | Potato curry without Onion Garlic (Navratri/Vrat special)

Aloo ki Sabzi /Potato curry is a healthy side dish prepared with boiled potatoes. It serves as a excellent side dish for variety rice, fried rice, chapati, roti, pulav, bread, etc,.

This is a very healthy and tasty side dish as it is prepared with pressure cooked/boiled Potatoes/Aloo. While pressure cooking/boiling, the starch in the potatoes will turn to a resistant starch and is equivalent to a fiber. So, it is helpful in lowering bad cholesterol and fat. The combination of boiled potatoes, lemon, ginger aids in digestion too. It is healthy and good for people of all ages. Click the Image of the Aloo ki sabzi/Potato curry to know the simple recipe.

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