Potato dhariwala | aloo (potato) masala| side dish for chapathi, roti, poori, etc,.

Potato dhariwala is a delicious side dish prepared with potatoes, spices, onions, tomatoes and coriander leaves. It is a tasty side dish for poori, chapathi, dosa, idli, etc,. Click the Image of the potato dhariwala to know the simple recipe.

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Tomato pulao |Mumbai mast tomato pulao |Bombay tawa pulao | how to make mumbai style tomato pulao

omato pulao is a delicious rice based dish prepared with rice, tomatoes, spices and vegetables. This is a Mumbai style tomato pulao where Pav bhaji masala is one of the main ingredients that enhances the taste and flavour of the pulao. It is a quick and easy lunch box recipe too. This is also known as Tawa pulao as it is also prepared over a tawa. Here is the simple and easy recipe of it. Click the Image of the Tomato pulao to know the simple recipe.

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