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Chocolate brownies| whole wheat chocolate brownies (eggless, no butter, no maida, no oven) | Sreelakshmikitchen

Chocolate brownies | whole wheat chocolate brownies (eggless, no butter, no maida, no oven) | चॉकलेट ब्राउनी | சாக்லேட் ப்ரௌனி is with detailed video and photo recipe. It is a delicious eggless cake prepared with whole wheat flour. It is known as चॉकलेट ब्राउनी in hindi and சாக்லேட் ப்ரௌனி in tamil. Click to know the full recipe in english, hindi and tamil.

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Eggless banana cake| whole wheat banana cake| Sreelakshmikitchen

Banana cake |Eggless banana cake| how to prepare banana cake in pressure cooker (no maida) | बनाना केक | வாழைப்பழ கேக் is with detailed video and photo recipe. This banana cake without egg (banana cake bread) is prepared in cooker (can also be baked in oven). It is known as  बनाना केक in hindi and  வாழைப்பழ கேக்  in tamil. Click the image to know the full recipe in english/hindi/tamil.

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