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Banana cake |eggless banana cake| homemade banana cake | how to prepare banana cake in pressure cooker (no maida) | बनाना केक | வாழைப்பழ கேக் is with detailed video and photo recipe. This banana cake without egg (banana cake bread) is prepared in cooker (can also be baked in oven). It is known as  बनाना केक in hindi and  வாழைப்பழ கேக்  in tamil.

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Banana cake (eggless, no oven, no maida) | बनाना केक | வாழைப்பழ கேக் image

                                         BANANA CAKE (EGGLESS) DESCRIPTION

Whole wheat banana cake |Eggless banana cake| banana cake cooker recipe | homemade banana cake| बनाना केक | வாழைப்பழ கேக் is an easy, simple, tasty and delicious cake/bread prepared with banana, whole wheat flour, sugar, curd (yogurt), cooking oil (vegetable oil), walnuts and milk. It can be served as a mouth-watering dessert too.

Generally, all purpose flour/ plain flour/ maida is used as a banana cake flour. Here, it is a healthy banana cake without egg prepared with whole wheat flour. As whole wheat flour is used, it is not gluten-free. Maida (plain flour/ all purpose flour) and butter are not used in this recipe. The white sugar can also be replaced by brown sugar to make it more healthy and moist. It is a simple homemade banana cake which can be easily prepared with the easily available ingredients at home. As it is healthy and tasty, it will be loved by people of all ages (from kids to adults). 

As the curd (yogurt) and cooking oil (vegetable oil) are included as the ingredients, it helps in making the banana cake moist. The reaction of curd, baking soda and baking powder helps in retaining the moisture in the cake. It also helps in making the banana cake fluffy.

While preparing this banana cake easy recipe, please make sure that the bananas should be ripened because it will react with the other ingredients to make it more tasty and fluffy. The banana cake will be more delicious only if ripened bananas are used. Moreover, please add the exact quantity of banana as mentioned in the recipe, else there are chances for the cake to become soggy inside if too much of bananas are added.

This banana cake indian recipe is made in pressure cooker and can also be baked in oven (by preheating at 180 degree for few minutes and baking at 180 degree for 45- 55 minutes until the the tooth pick comes out clean). The banana cake recipe from scratch is written below. You may like our chocolate cakehomemade chocolate.

Banana cake|eggless banana cake | homemade banana cake with step by step video recipe (youtube) in english, tamil and hindi is below.

                                          How to make eggless banana cake video ?

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                              Banana cake recipe

Cooking time: 80 minutes

Serves: 7-8


1 cup = 300 ml

1 tbsp = 15 ml

1 tsp = 5 ml

  • Banana (ripened) / केला / வாழைப்பழம் – 1 ¼ banana (large size)
  • sugar / चीनी / சர்க்கரை – ¾ cup 
  • Milk / दूध / பால் – ¼ cup (for grinding) + ¾ cup 
  • Cooking oil (vegetable oil) / खाना पकाने का तेल / சமையல் எண்ணெய் (refined) – ¼ cup (for grinding) + 1/8 cup + for greasing
  • Curd (yogurt) / दही / தயிர் – 100 ml
  • Vanilla essence / वैनिला एक्सट्रेक्ट / வெண்ணிலா சாறை – 1 ½ tsp
  • Whole wheat flour / गेहूं का आटा / கோதுமை மாவு – 1 ¼ cup 
  • Salt / नमक / உப்பு – ¼ tsp
  • Baking powder / बेकिंग पाउडर / பேக்கிங் பவுடர் – 2 tsp
  • Baking soda / बेकिंग सोडा / சமையல் சோடா – 1 tsp
  • Walnuts / अखरोट / வால்நட்ஸ் – few
  • Salt / नमक / உப்பு (for spreading) – 1 cup 
  1. Grind the banana, sugar, milk (¼ cup) and cooking oil ( ¼ cup) to a smooth batter.
  2. Mix the curd, vanilla essence and cooking oil (1/8 cup) well.
  3. Add the smooth batter to it and mix it well again.
  4. Then, sieve the whole wheat flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt over it.
  5. Add milk (¾ cup ) to it and mix it well (check the consistency of the batter in our video recipe). Cake batter is ready.
  6. Place a butter/ cooking / baking paper inside the cake mould.
  7. Grease the cake mould with cooking oil and sprinkle little whole wheat flour over the mould (dust it). 
  8. Pour the cake batter over the greased cake mould.
  9. Add walnuts to it and tap the mould few times (to remove air bubbles if any).
  10. Spread the salt in the bottom of the cooker (remove the gasket and vent weight (whistle) from the pressure cooker) and close it with a lid for 10 minutes at medium flame.
  11. Place a stand over the heated salt.
  12. Then, place the cake mould over the stand and cook for 80 minutes at low flame/ simmer (close it with a pressure cooker lid without gasket and vent weight (whistle)).
  13. Check whether the cake is cooked (insert a tooth pick or wooden stick inside the cake (the tooth pick should come out clean).
  14. Cool the cake mould after taking out from the cooker for 30 minutes at room temperature.
  15. Separate the edges of the cake from the mould using a knife.
  16. Cover the cake mould with a plate and flip (to gently remove the cake from the mould) (refer video recipe).
  17. Remove the butter/baking paper from it and serve. You may also like Eggless Chocolate cake.
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