Side dish

Tiffin sambar (Hotel style)

Tiffin Sambar is an excellent Side dish for Idli, Dosa, Upma, Idiyappam. This toothsome Hotel style Tiffin sambar’s taste will linger to your taste buds and will make you to prepare it often. This recipe will taste exactly like Tiffin sambar prepared in popular hotels. Cooking time: 18 – 20 minutes Serves: 3-4 Ingredients 1…

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Madurai Vathal Kuzhambu

Madurai Vathal Kuzhambu (Tamarind Gravy)

Madurai vathal Kuzhambu (Tamarind Gravy) is a scrumptious Side dish which is very popular and has its origin in Madurai (southern part of Tamil nadu). This tasty dish is very famous since early days and I learnt this recipe from my mother. she used to make this recipe since my childhood. I am happy in sharing it.

This toothsome is an excellent Side dish for Plain rice, Upma, etc,. Here is the simple and easy recipe of it to enjoy at home. Click the Image of the Kuzhambu to know its simple recipe.

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Pumpkin Gravy

Pumpkin Gravy is a scrumptious dish prepared with Pumpkin and other ingredients. This is an excellent side dish for Rice, Roti, Phulka and Chapati. This is a simple and easy Vegan recipe.

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Dum Aloo

Dum aloo is the potato based dish prepared with Baby potatoes and spices. Enjoy this toothsome Side dish with Jeera rice, Roti, Naan and Phulka.

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Vathal Kuzhambu (Traditional method)

Vathal Kuzhambu is a delicious Tamarind Gravy prepared with Tamarind water and other ingredients. This is the traditional method which I learnt from my great Grand mother and Grandmother. This recipe is very easy to make within 10 minutes. I love this recipe whenever my Grandmother makes it. She is a specialist in preparing the tastiest Vathal Kuzhambu.

Though it is a simple dish, the quantity and ratio of the tamarind water, Manathakkali and Gingelly oil plays the key role in adding the best traditional taste to it. It is a toothsome Side dish for curd rice and it tastes the best with hot Plain rice. Here is the simple recipe of it.

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Cumin (Jeera/Jeeragam) Rasam

Cumin (Jeera/Jeeragam) Rasam is a healthy and a delicious soup which tastes the best when it is hot and also with hot Plain rice. This tasty Rasam can also be had as a Thin Soup. This toothsome Rasam aids in digestion and it is good to have this healthy dish at least once in a week.

This is my Great Grandmother’s recipe which I learnt from my mother. She used to prepare this Rasam at least once in a week to support good digestion and to sustain good health. This Rasam/Soup serves as a good relief when you suffer from indigestion. Here is the simple and easy written and video recipe. Click the Image of the Rasam to know the recipe.

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