Paneer/Tofu Burji (Crumbled Paneer/Tofu)

Paneer/Tofu Burji is a tasty crumbled paneer/Tofu which is an excellent Side dish for Bread, Chapati, Rice, Roti, variety rice, Dosa, etc,. Click the Image of the Paneer/Tofu burji to know the simple recipe.

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Kadappa (Stew)

Kadappa is a famous scrumptious Vegetable Stew. It is a delicious Traditional food and it is served as a Side dish for Soft Idli, Dosa, Chapati, Poori and Idiyappam. It is a simple Gravy which tastes like Kurma. This flavourful Stew is made with cooked Moong dal, Potatoes, Green peas, Carrots, grated Coconut and Spices. It has a mild taste.

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