Aloo paratha (Potato paratha in 2 easy ways)

Aloo paratha is a stuffed whole wheat bread. The stuffing is prepared with mildly spiced mashed potatoes. Here is the simple and easy recipe.

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Vegetable Biryani

Vegetable Biryani is a delicious Rice based dish prepared with Vegetables and Spices. This biryani adds a special festive touch whenever it is made. Here is the simple and easy way of preparing this toothsome dish at home. Click the Image of the Vegetable Biryani to know the simple recipe.

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Instant protein dosa

Instant Protein Dosa/Cheela

Instant Protein Dosa/Cheela is a nutritious, tasty and very healthy breakfast dish. This dish doesn’t need batter fermentation for preparation. This dish can be cooked as soon as the batter is prepared.

This is my innovative dish and I have named it as Protein Dosa/Cheela as it rich in protein. It is not only rich in protein but also rich in fiber and other nutrients. This is a perfect healthy dish which contains all the essential nutrients, vitamins, good fat and fiber one needs in a meal. As Coconut is added, it is a good source of healthy fat too. This toothsome dish is a healthy combination of all the nutritious food such as oats, Moong sprouts, coconut, Ginger and spices.

This is the food that one must prepare for a healthy and a tasty start of a day. Even the kids will start loving this nutritious food after tasting it once. Here is the simple and very easy recipe of it. Click the Image of the protein dosa to know the simple recipe.

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