Cheese dosa recipe |चीज़ डोसा | சீஸ் தோசை

Cheese dosa is an easy, simple and delicious breakfast, snack or brunch recipe prepared with dosa batter, vegetables, butter and spices. It is a popular street food too. Here is the simple recipe of it. Click the Image of the cheese dosa to know the easy recipe.

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Rava toast recipe | easy rava toast | Sreelakshmikitchen

Rava toast| रवा टोस्ट | ரவா டோஸ்ட் is with detailed video and photo recipe. It is also known as veg suji toast or sooji veggie toast. Rava is called as semolina in english, sooji/ suji in hindi and rava in tamil. rava toast is called as रवा टोस्ट in hindi and ரவா டோஸ்ட் in tamil. Click the image to know the full recipe in English/Hindi/Tamil.

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