Jeera Poli (Deep fried bread in Sugar Syrup)


 Jeera Poli is a delicious dessert which is prepared with Maida (All-purpose flour), sugar, rice flour, Ghee, Saffron strands and Cardamom. It is a deep fried Indian bread dipped in Sugar syrup.


It is the tradition to prepare Poli on the Occasion of Bhogi (the previous day before Pongal (Makar Sankranti). There are various types of Polis but I love Jeera Poli very much. We can prepare Jeera Poli in any shape. But, in this recipe, triangular jeera poli has been made. 

Cooking time: less than 15 minutes

Yields: 5-6 Poli


1 tbsp = 15 ml

1 tsp = 5 ml

For sugar syrup

  • Sugar (white / brown) – 1 cup (1 cup = 300 ml)
  • Water for Sugar syrup – ¾ cup (1 cup = 300 ml)
  • Saffron Strands – 7
  • Cardamom – 5

For preparing poli

  • Salt – a pinch
  • Maida (All-purpose flour) – 1 cup + little for dusting
  • Water – (90 – 120 ml)
  • Rice flour – 3 tbsp
  • Salt – a pinch
  • Ghee – 1 tbsp
  • Cooking Oil – for deep frying


For preparing Poli (Deep fried Bread)

  1. Add Water ((90 – 120ml)) and Salt (a pinch) to the Maida (All-purpose flour) and knead it into dough. Make equal size balls with the dough. Maida balls are ready.
  2. Add the Ghee to the Rice flour and mix it well. Rice flour mixture is ready.
  3. Divide the Rice flour mixture equally. The number of rice flour mixture divisions should be equal to the number of maida balls.
  4. Flatten each maida ball with the Chapati Rolling pin to a round shape and spread a rice flour mixture division over it and fold the round shape at its centre. 
  5. Again fold it to a triangle shaped poli .
  6. Try to flatten the triangle shaped Poli with the Chapati Rolling Pin as much as you can. Triangle shaped Poli is ready to fry.
  7. Deep fry the Triangle shaped Poli in the cooking Oil until it turns golden brown on both sides. Poli is ready. Cool the prepared Poli for few minutes. 

For preparing Brown Sugar Syrup (Jeera)

  1. Add Water (¾ cup) to the sugar and stir in a Kadai at medium- high flame (The knob should be between medium- high flame (Hindalium Kadai is used for preparing sugar Syrup).
  2. Add the Saffron strands and Cardamom to it and mix it well.
  3. Stir the mixture until you get a one-string Consistency Syrup. Turn off the flame.
  4. Drop the prepared Poli inside the prepared hot Sugar Syrup (The poli should not be hot while immersing in the sugar Syrup). Let the Poli immerse in Sugar Syrup for 30- 45 minutes. Jeera poli is ready to serve. 

COCONUT POLI is also made during this festival. For video recipes SUBSCRIBE


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