Tomato Halwa

Tomato Halwa is a lip-smacking Dessert which has a unique taste as it is a combination of sweet, sour and Savory. This unique taste of this sweet makes us to prepare it often as it will be loved by all. This recipe will be often made by my Great Grandmother. I learnt it from my mother. This halwa is always in my favorite list as it easy to prepare with the simple ingredients such as Tomato, Sugar and Nuts.The Cooking time is bit longer but you will feel really worthy after tasting this delicious sweet. Here is the simple recipe of it.

Tomato Halwa

  • Servings: 2-3
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It is a lip smacking Dessert

Cooking time : For boiling Tomatoes: 8- 10 minutes

                       For preparing Halwa: 40 – 45 minutes


1 tbsp = 15 ml

1 spoon = 10 ml

1 tsp = 5 ml

1 coffee spoon = 2.5 ml

  • Big sized Tomato – 4
  • Sugar/Brown sugar – ¾ cup (1 cup = 300 ml)
  • Water for sugar syrup – 1 cup (1 cup = 300ml)
  • Coconut powder /Desiccated Coconut – 4 tsp
  • Cashew nuts- 7
  • Raisins – few
  • Ghee – slightly more than ¾ spoon for halwa and ¾ tsp for roasting cashews and raisins
  • Cardamom powder – ¼ tsp
  • Condensed milk – 1 spoon
  • Wheat flour – 1 spoon (heap)


  1. Soak the tomatoes in 2 cup of water (1 Cup = 240 ml) and boil it for 8- 10 minutes. Then, it close with a lid for 3-5 minutes. Cool the Boiled tomatoes for few minutes.
  2. Peel the skin of the tomatoes and chop it into small pieces.
  3. Grind the pieces to a smooth puree. Tomato puree is ready.
  4. Mix the Sugar (I have used Brown sugar) in Water and boil it till a one string consistency sugar syrup is reached in a Kadai at medium flame (Stir at regular and frequent intervals) (It took 13 minutes to reach one string consistency) (I prepared it in a Hindalium Kadai).
  5. Then, add the prepared tomato puree to it and stir it for 2 minutes.
  6. Add the cardamom powder and coconut powder/Desiccated coconut to it. Stir the mixture well for 5 minutes at regular and frequent intervals.
  7. Add the Wheat flour to it. Mix it well (Mix the wheat flour well using spatula else you can see the remaining of wheat flour here and there as small particles which may spoil the good appearance) and again stir the mixture for 5 minutes.
  8. Add the Condensed milk to it and mix it well. Stir the mixture for 10 minutes at regular and frequent intervals.
  9. Then, add the Ghee (¾ spoon) to it. Stir the mixture for 3-5 minutes (until the consistency of Halwa is reached). Turn off the flame. Tomato Halwa is ready.
  10. Roast the Cashew nuts with the Ghee (¾ tsp) until it turns golden in a pan at medium flame. Then, add the Raisins to it. Give a Stir. Turn off the flame.
  11. Add the contents in the pan to the prepared Halwa. Give a quick mix. Hot Tomato Halwa is ready to serve.


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