Cumin (Jeera/Jeeragam) Rasam

Cumin (Jeera/Jeeragam) Rasam is a healthy and a delicious soup which tastes the best when it is hot and also with hot Plain rice. This tasty Rasam can also be had as a Thin Soup. This toothsome Rasam aids in digestion and it is good to have this healthy dish at least once in a week.

This is my Great Grandmother’s recipe which I learnt from my mother. She used to prepare this Rasam at least once in a week to support good digestion and to sustain good health. This Rasam/Soup serves as a good relief when you suffer from indigestion. Here is the simple and easy written and video recipe. Click the Image of the Rasam to know the recipe.

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Thick Carrot Soup (Cream of Thick Carrot Soup)

Cream of Thick Carrot Soup is a creamy Soup prepared with Carrot, Potato, Boiled milk, Onion, Fresh cream, Pepper powder and Salt. This is a toothsome Appetizer that can be prepared in very few minutes. It is a delicious dish which will be loved by people of all ages. Once if the kids taste it, it will definitely be in their favorite food list. Here is the simple recipe of it. Click the Image of the Thick Carrot Soup for the recipe.

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