Pattinam pakoda/Patnam pakodi /Pattinam pakkavadam

Pattinam pakoda is a toothsome snack/Appetizer that can be prepared very easily. This is one of the traditional recipes. I learnt this recipe from my grandmother and she used to call it as “pattinam pakkavadam. This tasty dish will be crispy outside and soft inside. Here is the easy and simple recipe. Click the image of the Pattinam pakoda to know the simple recipe of it.

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Noodles Cutlet

Noodles cutlet is a scrumptious snack prepared with boiled noodles, vegetables and spices. This easy crispy snack can be prepared in few minutes and will be loved by people of all the ages. This will be a crispy and tasty treat especially for noodles lovers. Here is the simple and easy recipe to enjoy it at home. Please click the Image of the noodles cutlet to know the recipe.

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Punugulu (Idli/Dosa batter snack)

Punugulu is an Andhra Pradesh snack (Southern part of India) which is prepared with Idli/Dosa batter and spices. This is an instant snack which can be prepared very easily at home. This toothsome dish is very crispy outside and soft inside.

Whenever, I want to make an instant snack in the evening, this tasty dish will be first option that comes to my mind. I learnt this simple and easy recipe from my mother. She learnt it from her aunt as her maternal uncle’s wife (aunt) used to prepare punugulu for her whenever she goes to their house during her school/college holidays. Though it is an Andhra cuisine, it is also very famous dish in other southern parts as well since early days.

As it will be very crispy outside, it will be in our favorite list always. Here is the simple and easy recipe of it. Click the Image of Punugulu to know the simple and easy recipe.

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