Thulasi kheer | tulsi payasam | holy basil dessert | तुलसी खीर | துளசி பாயசம்

Thulasi kheer / tulsi payasam is a sweet (dessert) prepared with tulsi (holy basil), pepper, cardamom and milk.

Tulsi is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin A. It is an antibacterial, anti viral and anti carcinogenic. Daily consumption of tulsi helps in balancing various bodily process.

Pepper is rich in vitamins C and disease fighting vitamins and prevents cough and cold. The combination of tulsi and pepper in this dessert makes it nutritious too. This is a simple sweet recipe to include tulsi and pepper in the diet. This sweet will be loved by people of all ages. Click the Image of the thulasi kheer to know the simple recipe.

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Easy Almond Kheer in 11 minutes (Traditional Badam Payasam)

Almond Kheer (Badam Payasam) is a creamy delicious Dessert prepared with Almonds, Cashews, Milk, Sugar, Khoya, Cardamom powder and Saffron strands. This is an easy recipe which can be prepared in a very short span of time. This is the traditional method and I learnt it from my Mother long ago. I used to prepare Almond Kheer (Badam Payasam) for any festival in this method every time.

Almond Kheer (Badam Payasam) is the most preferred dish in the marriage/party. It tastes exactly like the one which we used to have in marriages/parties. The specialty of this dish is that it tastes divine both as hot and cold. Why to wait for a marriage/party to enjoy this scrumptious dish which has a heavenly taste??? Here is the simple and very easy recipe of it to relish its taste at home. Click the Image of the Almond Kheer (Badam Payasam) to know the simple recipe.

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